Application for the 2018-19 LAC ABE-HSE Cohorts
Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2018-2019 LAC ABE-HSE Cohorts. We anticipate that acceptance to the cohorts will be extremely competitive so please read through the application and answer the questions carefully.
Please stay with the word lengths where listed.
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Describe your interest in participating in the 2018-2019 LAC ABE-HSE Cohorts and how completing the cohort would develop you as a practitioner and strengthen the program you work for. (200 words)
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This course uses an online learning platform in addition to classroom instruction. Please select all the tasks below that you feel you would need assistance in performing:
Letter of Commitment *
Please request a letter of commitment for support from your current supervisor for your attendance and full participation in this cohort. Your reference should be emailed directly from the referring party to: For the Enhancing Students' Reading and Writing Skills to Achieve Success Cohort: Lizelena Iglesias at; For the Achieving Flow: Growth for Teachers of Mathematics Cohort: Cynthia Bell at, and for the Developing Applied Digital Skills Using Google Tools Nell Eckersley at List the name of your reference and email address below. Your application will not be considered until the reference is received. If you do not work for a DYCD-funded program, please submit a reference letter from someone who can speak to both your ability to successfully complete this cohort and your current skill as an educator.
I agree to the requirements listed below. Read fully. *
I am able to attend ALL sessions and complete all the assignments required for the cohort (see specific dates and details on the DYCDLAC Resource Center). I am aware that if I do not attend sessions and keep up with work in a timely fashion, I may be dismissed from the course..
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