Dr. James R. Doty's Talk
This interactive conference will be held on Wednesday, February 12th from 7-8 pm in Novi High School Auditorium.

New York Times Bestselling Author of "Into the Magic Shop" Dr. James R. Doty will be giving a moving speech about compassion and mental wellness. In this talk, Dr. Doty will talk about the hardships he faced as child with his mother being clinically depressed and frequently attempting to commit suicide, and his alcoholic father. He will also inform about stress management techniques that he uses on a day-to-day basis plus the creation of The Alphabet of the Heart, a short ten-step mnemonic. Towards the end of the talk, there will also be a live Q&A session with Dr. Doty. If you would like to come along and embark on a journey of compassion, make sure to mark your calendars. Hope to see you all there!

Admission is free and a donation box will be open in the auditorium lobby. All proceeds will go to Novi High School's Student Mental Health Committee. Everyone is welcome!
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