Application for Level 2 Meditation Coaching Program
Thanks for your interest in this program.

Please answer these questions in as much detail as you can, and I'll let you know if this would be a good program for you.
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Tell me about your experiences with meditation. List retreats and courses you've attended, teachers you've worked with, books you've read, etc. *
In the past 30 days, approximately how many hours have you spent meditating? *
Why do you meditate? *
Tell me about the experiences you've had trying to deepen your practice. What obstacles have you run into? If you haven't run into any, explain why you're going out of your way to apply for a coaching program. What have you tried to solve these problems? *
If there were no obstacles to deepening your meditation practice, what would you be doing differently? *
Convince me that this is important to you. Why does your life suck now and how would it suck less if we fixed every obstacle pertaining to your meditation practice? *
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