Education and Interpretation Networking Event
The Education and Interpretation Networking event will be October 28th from 4 pm to 6 pm in the Gateway Event Center
This event is for ESF students who are interested in pursuing a future career and/or making connections in interpretation and/or education. This event will allow students to go beyond their education at ESF and have the opportunity to interact with professionals in these fields and receive advice that will help them become better prepared to enter these fields. Along to provide opportunity to make professional connections in these fields and possibly cultivate job or internship opportunities.

4:00-4:15 Registration
4:15-4:35 Welcome and Key Note Speaker
4:35-5:15 Topic Tables
5:15-6:00 Info Tables/ Networking

The Key Note Speaker is Heidi Busa. She is an ESF graduate who has over three decades of experience in the fields of personal interpretation, high school teaching, and developing curriculum.

During topic tables we will be able to go to three of our tables that will focus on answering questions about the following topics; Interpretive Certifications, County and State Jobs, Teacher Certifications, Federal Government Jobs, and Career Services

Info Tabling will have table and people through out the professions you can talk to about their experience and possible job/internship opportunities. Some of these groups include graduate education/ museum programs, local teachers, and summer camps.
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