The Dramatic Improv Festival 2020 Online Performance Submission
Fill out the info below to tell us all about the performance you would like to bring to The Dramatic Improv Festival! If you have any questions, feel free to email before submitting.
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Are there any essential requirements you'll need from us for your act? Please be specific, as we want to sort out all streaming necessities in advance of the festival. If none, just specify "none".
Video URL
If you have a video of your the group/performance you intend to bring to DIF, please enter it here. This can be a performance or just a rehearsal, but it must be of the group you intend to bring. If you do not have a video, please make note here. This is not *required* to be accepted, but it is preferred. This may be your performance submission, if you selected "Previously recorded video submission" above.
Availability *
If you are streaming your performance, which days of the festival are you able to attend? The more your availability, the greater your chances of being accepted into the festival. Check all that apply.
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Would you be interested in performing more than once? This show, or another? If another, please enter a link to video, below.
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It is $15, and you will be sent to a payment link after you leave this form. Your submission is NOT COMPLETE until your entry fee has been received.
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