FTS Parent Survey Regarding Health Related Closure and Re-Opening
With the recent release of guidelines for opening schools in September, we would like your input as we revise and improve our distance learning plan and develop plans to safely reopen school. Thank you for taking a moment to provide your feedback!
What grade(s) will your child(ren) be attending next year? *
On average during distance learning last year, how much time did your child spend on their daily work? *
What is your opinion on the amount of time your child spent on daily work? *
What methodologies available to your child during distance learning did you find to be most successful? *
What is your opinion of the amount of time your child spent on online instructional programs such as Reflex, IXL, ESpark, Raz-kids, etc? *
For future distance learning plans, would your child be able to attend daily live instructional sessions? *
Does your family have appropriate access to the internet? *
Does your child have access to appropriate technology devices for online learning? *
Regarding technology, what ways could the school support your family for distance learning? *
What other ways could the school support your family during distance learning?
What is your overall opinion of your child's experience with distance learning?
With the state guidelines for in-person instruction (face coverings, social distancing, hybrid schedules etc.), how comfortable are you in sending your children back to school in September? *
Very Comfortable
Not Comfortable
In developing plans to reopen school in September, if modifications are needed to our normal schedule and options are allowable within the guidelines, which option would you prefer for your student(s)? *
What is your comfort level with your child riding the bus each day within the guidelines (face coverings and social distance)? *
If you are not comfortable with your child riding the bus, are you willing and able to transport your child to and from school every day? *
Are there any other issues, concerns or ideas that you would like us to consider as we develop our reopening plan?
Please provide your name and email address. (optional)
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