✩ Big Star Lake Association 2018 Fishing Contest Entry ✩
Use this form to enter the 2018 Big Star Lake fishing contest! Please fill out and submit the form one time for each fish/animal you would like to enter (you will be given the option to fill out the form again at the end).

The fishing contest is open for the summer cottage season, Memorial Day weekend - Labor Day weekend (Friday, May 26 - Monday, September 3, 2018).

Please be sure to observe all Michigan DNR rules and regulations regarding fishing licenses, min/max length for keepers, max daily count for keepers, and open seasons for each species.

ALL age and experience levels are encouraged to participate!

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Select the type of fish or animal you caught. You did not need to keep the animal in order to enter the contest! We encourage catch-and-release, especially the turtles and frogs, and any fishes that are under/over the legal size limit or daily catch limits set by the DNR.
Note: this field is *not* required for the Mini age group (everyone's a winner when you're little!). For all other age groups, all divisions, you must enter the length below. Fish: measure the "total length", from the tip of the nose to the longest point on the fin of the tail, if possible close the fish's mouth and pinch the tips of the tail together for optimal length. Turtles: measure the diameter of the shell (if the turtle is oval shaped, measure the longest part). Frog: stretch out the frog (or let it hang in your hang) and measure down his back from the nose to the end of the longest toe.
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We encourage photos of your fishing entries! If you would like to submit a photo to be featured, please email your photos to lies.rosema@dutchbingo.net
Once you submit this entry, you will be given the option of using the form again to submit another entry. Please enter as many fish as you would like!
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