1325 Chapter: Thank You UN Book
Seventy-five years ago, world leaders, recoiling from the horrors of war, sought to secure a future free from fear and free from want. The result was the United Nations, established in the name of “We the Peoples.” From its very origins, civil society and social movements were its strong partners and helped to shape the vision and mission of the UN.

The UN2020 Campaign and the Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan for Beijing + 25 recognize in this anniversary year the importance of reinforcing and strengthening UN institutions, norms and processes, while increasing its accountability and accessibility to civil society.

See the Thank You UN Book here.

**The Global Network of Women Peacebuilders and Feminist and Women’s Movements Action Plan are coordinating the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (women, peace and security) chapter in the Thank You UN Book! All contributions must be submitted by October 25, 2020.**

To contribute to the chapter, submit your content (written, audio, video or artistic) here: http://bit.ly/1325-Chapter

For all questions and inquiries, contact: katrina@gnwp.org
Guidelines for Contributions
We look forward to your submission to the 1325 Chapter in the UN Thank You Book. You may choose to submit a written, audio, video or artistic contribution to the chapter. Please note the instructions for each submission type below:

Instructions for written submissions:
• You may submit in any official UN language
• Submissions should not exceed 150 words

Instructions for audio submissions:
• Begin your recording by stating your name, location, and affiliation
• Speak clearly, with enthusiasm
• Do not edit, add voice filter or modify the recording

Instructions for video submissions:
• Film your video horizontally on your cellphone or camera
• Frame the video so your shoulders are seen and the top of your head is not cut off, with your body straight on.
• No background sound, in a well-lit area
• Try to find a stable location to hold your device to avoid shaking
• Begin your recording by stating your name, location, and affiliation
• Speak clearly, with enthusiasm
• All videos must be submitted via YouTube

Instructions for artistic submissions (eg. art, poetry, graphic design)
• You may submit in any official UN language
• Ensure that your piece is signed or watermarked

All submissions must be your original content. The Global Network of Women Peacebuilders is not responsible for copyright violations, theft of content or plagiarism. By submitting your content via this form, you agree to take all responsibility for the content that you have submitted.
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