ISNR Vetting Form 2020 – Final - Vendors
Dear valuable vendor,

We appreciate your contribution to ISNR conference.
As a valuable vendor, you are aware that the quality and the liability of the items being displayed in ISNR conference are our top priority. According to our new vetting policy please fill out the form for each of the items you plan to exhibit. We understand this requires more effort but over the longer term, this extra work will be worthwhile as ISNR’s endorsement becomes more trusted.

Thank you for your collaboration. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us:, 617-953-3228

The vetting Committee members of ISNR Board of Directors:
Ainat Rogel, PhD, MSW
David Cantor, PhD
Robert Longo, MS
Theresa Hubbard, MS

Date *
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