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What is the research relevance of the topic/subject? Does the approach develop the current state of knowledge? To what extent does the study combine ideas, methods, approaches of multiple academic fields?
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Is the topic new? Is the approach new? Is the methodology new? Is it an innovative combination of well-known ideas/methods/approaches?
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Does the study reflect the current state of research? Does it fit into the framework of previous studies in the field? Are sources relevant and up-to-date?
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Is the study written comprehensively? Are methods clearly described? Are results described and evaluated thoroughly? Is the study structured in a logical manner?
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Does the study fit into the thematic focus of the journal? Is its content  interesting also for broader audience? Is it readable in a multidisciplinary context?
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What is the formal quality of the text? Does it meet the journal's formal requirements? Does it follow guidelines for authors?
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What is the grammatical and stylistic quality of the text?
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