Custom Planner Questionaire
To be able to create the custom planner of your dreams, I need to know information about you. Take you time because I use the information here to create a planner that represents you. I will also ask follow up questions and I will be able to create an invoice for everything that you want.
For custom planners, transactions will be made through paypal. Before the process can continue you will have to read "Terms & Conditions" and sign stating you understand the process. I require a 20% non refundable deposit. Do you agree to read and sign the Terms & Conditions? *
What is the Duration of your planner? *
What style of planner are you looking for? *
What size planner do you want? *
What kind of mediums would you like to be used in your planner? *
What kind of add-ons would you like for your planner? *
Please select all the pages you want in your planner: *
If you answered yes to Trackers, which would you like: (Please select I DO NOT WANT; if answered no) *
Do you want Melanin Eclectic Stickers? *
Tell me about yourself: *
What's your favorite color? *
What are a few of your favorite things? *
Anything else you would like to add (Write N/A if you have nothing else) *
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