Patient e-leaflets - Your Feedback
We are currently piloting a new online platform for our patient information leaflets. This is to help us cut down on the amount of printing and paper that we use but also to provide our patient information in a way that we think the majority of our patients want to access it.

If you still want paper copies don't worry. For each of our patient leaflets you still have the option to print copies at home if you wish and you can also ask a member of our team to print one for you when you are here if you prefer.

If you have visited this section of our website and accessed our patient e-leaflets we would really appreciate it if you could give us some feedback to tell us what you think of them.

How easy was it to access the e-leaflets?
Do you think having more accessibility options such as different languages, contrasts and text sizes is helpful?
In terms of how important it is for you to have access to printed copies of our leaflets, please select the option below that best describes how you feel
If you selected 'None of the above' to the last question, please tell us more
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Please feel free to add any further comments or feedback about our e-leaflet project below
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