Coordinated Entry Training Part 3/Refresher Training
Thank you for completing the Coordinated Entry Part 3/Refresher training! Please complete the following form to ensure that you understand updates made to the CES and so your information can be logged for completing this training.
1. What option below is NOT a valid reason for an eviction from a PSH unit? *
2. True or False: All rehouses are placed at the top of the By-Name List, regardless of why the client needs to be rehoused. *
3. How many months does a VOH have to have documented to prove chronic homelessness *
4. True or False: Clients who are actively fleeing domestic violence and have no other housing options can qualify for CoC housing programs and services. *
5. What is one update that was made to the CE Manual for 2019? *
6. What is your name? *
7. What is your job title? *
8. What agency do you work for? *
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