Will Parker Award Nomination
At our Fall Conference we will present the Will Parker Memorial Award, which is the most prestigious honor to a person in the oil industry in North Carolina. It is given in memory and recognition of the Association’s first full time Executive Director. Below is a nomination form and details about the award. Try to give as much information as possible; however, if you can only give us a nominee’s name, we will research and get the background data and information ourselves - but any material you can furnish will be most helpful.

Here are the RULES for the selection:

• All persons in the petroleum industry in N.C. are eligible, except current officers of the N.C. Petroleum & Convenience Marketers (Directors of NCPCM are eligible) and past winners of the award.
• A secret committee appointed by the President of NCPCM selects the recipient each year, but if the committee feels there is no one deserving in a particular year, then the award will not be mandatory.
• The honor is to be available to someone directly or indirectly involved.

Here are the CRITERIA to use in making your nominations. (Award is based on activities, etc.)

• Success and endeavors in one’s own company or in the field of his/her endeavors in behalf of the petroleum industry
• Service to community (how active in civic and community affairs)
• Service to local County groups and cooperation manifested
• Activities in broader area (multi-county, state, etc.) in behalf of the oil industry
• Service throughout North Carolina or the nation through the N.C. Petroleum & Convenience Marketers or some other trade association, etc.
• Local promotions, etc., in behalf of the petroleum industry (individual company or jointly with others)...
• Service on committees of various trade associations
• Work in respect to educational programs at industry meetings
• Degree of attendance and participation at industry meetings
• Due to the high esteem in which Mr. Will was held, the Christian aspects of this recipient should be of the same character as “Mr. Will” exemplified in his personal life
• Patriotism - dedication - someone who has exhibited a degree of respect to himself/herself and to the industry by his/her faithfulness and dedication
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