Crave food + music festival 2023                        Food Vendor Registration 
Crave Lexington 2023 is celebrating its tenth year! Thanks to participating folks like you this festival is such a great one in Kentucky and the region.

This is the official food vending application for FOOD VENDORS. Vendors who wish to non food items, may apply as a vendor here:

WHAT IS CRAVE food + music festival?
Crave is a food and music festival celebrating the diversity of the cuisine and the agricultural bounty of our region. “Crave” will host 40 + local vendors serving hundreds of menu items. Crave will feature chefs, local restaurants, food trucks, cooking demonstrations on our food performance stage and lots more. Expected Attendance is 15,000 - 20,000 over two days.

       ~ Saturday, August 26: 11pm to 10pm and Sunday, August 27: 11pm to 7pm

       ~ Masterson Station Fairgrounds - located at 3051 Leestown Rd. Lexington, KY 40511

       ~ Standard Booth
              ~ 10 x 10 Booth Space
              ~ Must bring your own tent and tables
              ~ $350 for both days, includes up to two pieces of electrical equipment and/or less than 20 AMPS
       ~ XL Booth
              ~ 10 x 20 Booth Space
              ~ Must bring your own tent and table
              ~ $600 for both days, includes up to two pieces of electrical equipment and/or less than 20 AMPS
       ~ Mobile Unit
              ~ Space for your set up (up to 26' trucks/trailers)
              ~ $350 for both days, includes electric

All vendors will have the ability to set up an additional tent, equivalent to your purchased booth space to provide extra shade, storage and space with placement to be approved by Crave. Vendors are solely responsible for decor, display, banners, signage for booths and chairs for sitting.

Crave has a web based application to make purchasing virtually hands free. Festival goers purchase virtual Crave Bucks online. Vendors use their personal smart phones to scan QR codes for payment. Vendors will then be reimbursed by check for 75% of their sales the Monday after the festival (August 28th). Cash and credit cards will not be accepted by vendors at Crave.

Applicants must provide festival goers with a choice of at least three (2) total menu items, priced at the $3 “bite” and $5 “taste” values.  Each menu must have at least one of the options at each of the price points. After meeting the 3/5 requirement, any additional items can be offered at any reasonable price point above $5 (up to six total items).

Crave vendors are NOT allowed to sell any beverages and will be asked to leave without refund if not compliant.

Restaurant and mobile food unit selection will be carefully evaluated in regard to menu items. The Crave management team has full discretion to accept or reject any menu item proposed by an applicant. Menu items must be submitted with this application, however, vendors are not held to those items as long as they are consistent in representing Crave's core menu values.

                                 Thank you and we look forward to working with you at Crave 2022!
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WE CANNOT INVITE YOU TO VEND UNTIL WE HAVE PAPERWORK! Complete application and provide full payment via this form. Please send supporting documentation (including health permit, food manager permits, business license and insurance naming Crave Lexington as an additional insured) to Do you have all the supplemental documents? *
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