Request for ERASMUS/OVERSEAS exam recognition
The following form must be used to send requests for recognition of Erasmus exams for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Economics course at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

In order to process the request, please provide the following information:
- Name of the exam to be recognized by Tor Vergata with the DELPHI exam code (as indicated in the degree program study plan), number of credits and number of hours of teaching in respect to the Tor Vergata exam
- Exam name to be proposed as equivalent (at host university), with the number of credits, number of teaching hours and the link to the course syllabus on the host university’s website

Each request can be sent for a maximum of 6 exams and to complete the procedure it is necessary to confirm the submission on page 8 of this site.
Once the request has been sent, the student will receive an email confirming that the request has been sent.
The Erasmus+ Coordinator will send an email to the address indicated in the application with the evaluation of the proposed exams and may possibly re-send a further request for recognition of the exam in case some of the exams sent have not been accepted.
Once the final exam package has been approved, the student will receive an e-mail summarizing the set of approved exams and the student will then have to present it to the Erasmus office (during office hours only) with a copy of this document for the signature of the learning agreement.

Students are reminded that the approval of exams is related to the exam package and not to the individual exams that make up the package.

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