How do you handle your photo project?
I'm very interested in how you plan your photo project. I'm not interested in the final result you achieve with your project, but in the road to it. I'm curious about that. How do you handle certain things? Where do you find your inspiration? Do you start with an elaborate idea or does it gradually take shape? In order to get an answer to this, I made this questionnaire.

This form consists of a number of topics, divided into a few sections:
1. General information (5 questions)
2. Preparation (5 questions)
3. Inspiration (7 questions)
4. Working method (15 questions)
5. Edit (7 questions)
6. Output (3 questions)

Some questions can be filled in directly via a multiple choice or checkbox. For other questions you may need a little more time, for example to think about your motives or to take a closer look at your own way of working. You will notice that many of the choices you make are made subconsciously.

Have fun and success filling in the questions. At the end you can indicate if you missed certain questions or topics in the list.
1. General information
In this section you give some global information about yourself.
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How long are you involved in (long-term) photo projects?
How would you describe your level?
How much time do you spend on photography?
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