Initial questionnaire regarding a proposed temporary extension of licensed premise onto outdoor space
This initial questionnaire regarding a proposed temporary extension of the licensed premise onto outdoor space (the “Questionnaire”) does not constitute an approval. Licensed premise is defined as a premise licensed by the Licensing Board for the City of Boston holding a valid Common Victualler or Alcoholic Beverage License.

A proposed extension onto public property will require interdepartmental review. The Licensing Board will work in conjunction with BTD, DPW, PIC, ISD, and other departments to review each request to determine what additional information is necessary to complete a thorough review and make a determination regarding the feasibility of the proposed extension at the specific location.

Any Licensee granted a temporary extension must abide by all rules, regulations, laws, advisories, and guidelines issued by the City, State, and Federal government including all social distancing requirements; all of the foregoing may be amended by the respective agencies at any time.

Guidance on outdoor extension:

Any approval will be made on a temporary, non-precedent setting basis due to the COVID-19 public health crisis.

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