NSD Petition Survey
Thank you so much for participating in the petition created by Ally Sutherland! We are working with the NSD School Board to implement these changes! Please take a minute to fill out this survey so we can use this data in upcoming meetings with the School Board
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I give permission for my data (from the petition and this survey) to be used *
What is your name? (optional)
Preferred Pronouns
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How do you identify? (check all that apply)
How would the U.S. Census identify you? Check all that apply (specify in the next question)
How do YOU identify Racially, Ethnically and/or Demographically?
Which group do you fall into?
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What School District are you from - City and State?
MIDDLE/ELEMENTARY STUDENTS: What is your grade and what school are you from?
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: What school are you currently attending?
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Graduating students/Alumni: What are you doing/planning to do after high school?
PARENTS: What grade level is your child(ren)?
Have you participated in challenge/advanced courses? If so, which ones and were you encouraged by staff to take them?
Have you participated in extracurricular activities? (school sport, band/orchestra/choir, musical theater)
How safe/comfortable do you feel with student resource officers (police officers) on campus?
Extremely SAFE, I feel protected by SROs
Extremely UNSAFE, I feel targeted by SROs
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How do you feel the curriculum represents you?
Very negatively
Very positively
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With full access and the tools for technology, I am
Not confident in my skills.
Confident in my skills.
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I feel that I have access to technology and the tools to make it function properly.
Low access with limitations
Full access no limitations
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What resources and/or training do you need so you can continue your work by remote or away from school? Check all that apply.
Basic needs (before quarantine)
Met at home
Met at school
Met by Community Organization
Met through friends/peers
I Need Help
Nutritional needs met
Safe place to stay
Practice Mindfulness
Access to Nature
Social Interaction/Support
Physical Activity/Support
Physical Safety/Support
Racial Safety/Support
Gender Safety/Support
Spiritual Safety/Support
Financial Safety/Support
Medical Safety/Support
Linguistic Safety/Support
Protective gear (mask)
Cleaning supplies/support
What areas of basic needs did we leave out for you?
When you see Staff of Color or staff with different backgrounds in the school, what positions do the have and/or hold? Check all that apply.
How euro-centric would you consider your past history classes?
very diverse
completely euro-centric
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Is there a specific incident, racial injustice or inequity that you would like to share? (Don't hold back!!)
What question do you wish we would have asked you?
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