Trilogy Park Brick Modifications
Trilogy Park Residents,

On several occasions, the Trilogy Park HOA Board has received a few Modification Forms wherein a homeowner is requesting approval to paint, stain, or limewash their exterior bricks. The Board has researched and discussed the pro and cons of each of these brick modifications. The following represents some of the facts surrounding the use of these exterior modifications:

Painting Brick

• Painting brick saturates the brick’s pores with paint, preventing the brick from effectively releasing water and moisture. Since the moisture cannot evaporate, it stays trapped within the surface and results in blistering and chipping.
• Painting may “flatten” the appearance of the brick
• According to the Brick Industry Association, if you paint your exterior brick, you should be repainting it every three to five years due to common adhesion failures associated with painting brick, like efflorescence.

Staining Brick

• If your brick is in good condition, then you can save on the cost of completely replacing your masonry by staining.
• Before staining, a water test must be done to ensure the brick can absorb the stain.
• Stain forms a chemical bond with the masonry and becomes a component of the brick itself due to a process of petrification.
• Staining penetrates deep into the brick and once dry, forms a durable bond with the masonry to permanently lock in color. The result is a permanent finish that looks just like a brand-new brick.

Limewash aka Whitewash

• This is a paint made with lime, and instead of sitting on top of the brick and creating a barrier, it penetrates the brick.
• Finished limewash will gradually erode, reapplication of limewash needs to occur every five to seven years.
• Limewash can be removed with a pressure washer or with a stiff brush.

While there are some positive aspects of staining and limewashing, the Board is concerned with identifying bona fide companies with experience in these applications. Our research indicated that if limewash is applied incorrectly, correcting the appearance or damage can be very expensive.

The Board is aware that some of these applications are being used in other communities, but the vision of Trilogy Park was developed with a cohesive mix of craftsman style homes with subtle earth tone exteriors. The use of these techniques could alter the continuity of appearance within the community. With that in mind, the Board is seeking the community’s input before making their final decision.

The Board is requesting homeowners to vote (one per home) on the following proposal to approve or reject the use of one or more of the aforementioned brick modifications. We would like to have a majority of homeowners express their opinion. Please take a moment to vote on this matter as it may affect the overall appearance of the community in the future.

Finally, if approved, the Board will establish basic guidelines on the approval process which will be very similar to the current standards on exterior painting.

Thank You,

Trilogy Park HOA Board
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