LWV Health Care Reform for the US
Tell us your health care story.
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Approximately what percentage of your income is dedicated to health care – premiums, co-pays, and deductibles?
Which definition of universal health care best matches yours?
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Have you or someone you know ever delayed needed health care because of the cost? Tell us about it.
How would you rate/describe the quality of health care delivery in your life?
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What worries you the most about health care in the United States?
How would you rate the stress associated with figuring out whether or how to access or pay for health care for yourself or your family?
Very stressful
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What is your Gender Identity and how does it affect your health care and/or access to health care?
What specific changes to the US health care system would you like to see?
Please feel free to share a health care story that encouraged your to advocate for Medicare for All.
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