Community Of Faith Survey
This survey is being conducted by the Profile Committee of our Pastoral Charge to
determine what kind of a community of faith we are, as we prepare a call for a Minister
for our Charge. It is important that everyone’s opinions and views be considered,
regardless of age (including youth aged 12 and up), and frequency of attendance (in
person or online services). We want to hear from everyone in the family, whether you
are the parent, grandparent, guardian, or youth. We know that this survey has several
questions and is very thorough, but your feedback is very important and now is when
we need it. Be honest, no one is judging; we value everyone’s opinion. All responses
will be kept confidential.

Please complete this survey by November 15th, 2021

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you very much for participating.

Your Profile Committee

Mary Lou Farrell (Chair)
Adam Batson
Rose Bernaurer
Brenda Hamilton
Deanna Giles
Dee McEwen
Maggie Taylor
Rev. Ed Gratton (Regional Representative Pastoral Relations)
Kim Vail (Youth Representative)
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Questions 1 - 12 are about you
1. What age demographics are present in your household? (one respondent per family should reply / choose all that apply)
2. What is your personal age range?
Clear selection
3. How important is Church in your life?
4. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, how often did you attend Sunday service?
Clear selection
5. If you DID NOT attend, did your children attend with a grandparent or guardian?
Clear selection
6. If you DID NOT attend regularly, what might increase your attendance pattern for the future? Check all that apply:
7. During the Covid-19 pandemic, did you watch the recorded and live-streamed services on YouTube?
Clear selection
8. If you answered Yes and recorded/live-streamed services continue to be available after the church reopens fully, will you watch them?
Clear selection
9. If you answered Yes, have you shared the YouTube link?
Clear selection
10. Have you shared the church website link ( ?
Clear selection
11. Which of the following church events are important to you? (please check all that apply)
12. Which of the following programs do you consider to be important for the church? (check all that apply)
Question 13 parts A to L are about responsibilities of your Minister
13. How important, to you, are the following responsibilities of your Minister?
A. Sunday morning in-person services
Clear selection
B. Special Services for Christmas and Easter Worship (Blue Christmas, Sunday School Christmas Pageant, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Son Rise Service)
Clear selection
C. Online worship services
Clear selection
D. Involvement with the Sunday School
Clear selection
E. Involvement with Outreach / social justice projects
Clear selection
F. Pastoral Care/hospital visits/counselling
Clear selection
G. Communion sacrament
Clear selection
H. Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals
Clear selection
I. Speaking with people as they leave the church after service
Clear selection
J. Involvement in the Community
Clear selection
K. Participation in groups such as Bible Studies
Clear selection
L. Being fully inclusive of all people, regardless of nationality, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity, special needs, physical or mental health issues, or of any other way in which people are marginalized.
Clear selection
Regarding the responsibilities of your minister, please add any additional comments:
Question 14 deals with characteristics of a Minister
14. Select the most important characteristics of a Minister. (Check all that apply)
Provide further details on the characteristics you have selected in the above question, or if you checked “other”, please elaborate.
Question 15 deals with types of Ministry
15. Would you be open to an interim minister for 1-2 years before a full-time minister is called?
Clear selection
If you are not open to having an interim minister please provide your reasons
16. Would you be open to hiring a part time minister 20 hours per week?
Clear selection
If you are not open to having a part-time minister please provide your reasons
17. Would you prefer a full-time minister at 40 hours per week?
Clear selection
Please elaborate
Your final thoughts
19. How important is it that your community of faith be involved in the larger community?
Clear selection
Where do you think the Spirit is leading Britannia United Church?
How do you think Britannia United Church could attract and retain more members?
Do you have suggestions for fundraising activities?
Would you volunteer to help with church events and fundraising activities? What skills do you think you could bring as a volunteer?
Please elaborate or comment on any topic in this survey, that may not have been covered or otherwise related to our Pastoral Charge and our need for ministry personnel.
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