Prisoner Emergency Support Fund
This emergency support fund supports prisoners re-entering the community and those that are still behind bars during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will give out one-time stipends of $225 to recently released prisoners and folks that are still incarcerated.

Since we need this fund to reach as many people as possible, please only apply once. We will continue to fundraise so that we can give out as many stipends as possible.


The emergency fund is for recently released prisoners and families of people still incarcerated in Ontario. We ask you to self-assess based on need. We want to prioritize those who do not have financial alternatives such as investments, employment, or other sources of income.


This fund is created based on a shared community trust system. We want to reduce the barriers that invasive questions pose to accessing support while being accountable and transparent to our community.

Funds will be released on a first-come-first-served basis. We want to honour this commitment by trusting that those who have the means will seek out those means, and leave this fund to be accessed by those of us who have little to no choice.

This fund is limited. Using community donations, we will continue to distribute funds for as long as we can. We recognize that this, too, will not be sufficient to bridge the deep gaps that this crisis has caused.

To preserve each other's privacy and dignity, we will never publish the names or details of the recipients. Still, we will give periodic updates to our community on the number of people who have been served by this fund.


We are a network of frontline workers, community activists, former prisoners, loved ones of those in prison and concerned community members. We are committed to ensuring that no prisoner is left behind in response to COVID-19.


Incarcerated people are at a disproportionate risk of contracting COVID-19. Unsanitary conditions, close quarters, frequent physical contact, and the underlying chronic health conditions of many detained people, contributes to the spread of the virus and threatens the well being of prisoners and public health.

Alongside incarcerated people, communities across the country are calling for the depopulation of federal and provincial prisons to protect the safety and wellbeing of prisoners and our communities. Many provinces and territories across Canada have started taking measures to depopulate their jails and prisons safely. However, prisoners that are released do not have adequate support for their transition.

Recently released prisoners need access to funds for housing, food, clothing, and physical and mental health supports. Families who still have loved ones behind bars need funds for expensive phone bills and canteens.

This fund supports prisoners re-entering the community and the families of those that are still behind bars during this crisis.

Community donations have supported all of the funds received. If you would like to share our fundraiser, please use this link:


If you have a question about the application or need support to complete the application, please email
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