Prisoner Emergency Support Fund
As of May 12, we have received 2,171 applications to the Support Fund. We have been able to support 875 people through the distribution of $196,925. We still have 1,296 applicants that need support, requiring an additional $291,600 to meet current needs. Unfortunately, we do not have enough money to meet this need at this time. We recognize that you or your loved ones may have been waiting for the stipend for months. Our funding source has always been the community, making it difficult to give you a concrete timeline of when to expect the money.

In light of this, we have decided to pause new applications to the Prisoner Emergency Support Fund. We will continue to send money to people who have already applied to the fund as money becomes available. We are still offering support to people facing urgent crises (e.g. support with housing, groceries, transportation upon release). If this applies to you or someone you know, please contact us at prisonerfund /at/ gmail /dot/ com. We will make sure you get support.

We will also be doubling our fundraising efforts to cover the gap, including creating an option for monthly donations through a Patreon account, fundraising events, new merchandise on our online shop and more.

We are aiming to resume applications to the fund by August 10, Prisoners Justice Day.

We are very grateful to everyone who donated and shared the campaign. Prisoners and their family members have expressed deep gratitude for the support. Many of them have used the funds to cover phone bills, canteen, legal aid, transportation, housing, and food during this challenging time - and the show of solidarity is powerful.
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