Underground Spaces in Suffolk County Homes
Please answer the questions below to describe your underground space to the best of your ability.
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What type of underground room(s) do you have in your dwelling? (Please select all that apply)
How many rooms make up your underground space?
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We are looking for underground and unheated spaces that might act as a winter hibernation site for bats.
At this point we are asking that you only complete the rest of the survey if your space meets these parameters (unheated, subterranean).

If you have multiple spaces that qualify, please submit a survey for each.
Bat hibernating in crawl space (East Hampton, NY)
How would you describe the size of the space? Please estimate, exact measurements are not needed.
Less than 3'
Between 3' and 6'
Between 6' and 15'
Between 15' and 30'
Greater than 30'
Which best describes the ceiling of the underground space?
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What best describes the floor of the underground space?
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What best describes the walls of the underground space?
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Is the space open to any heating sources? Is there exterior ventilation into this space?
Are there any known wildlife inhabitants of the space?
Have you ever had mice or other small wildlife in your home in general? Please explain.
What are the access points to the space? (Please select all that apply)
Bilco Doors
Trap/Drop down door
Egress window/Window well
Ground level window/door
Rough opening from another space
Where is your home located?
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Is the dwelling occupied year round or used only seasonally?
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If you have another home or property with an eligible underground space please submit an additional form.
Thank you for your participation. If your crawl space meets our criteria for a possible hibernation site we would like to contact you. What is the best method to reach you about scheduling a visit to look for hibernating bats?
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If you selected a preference for contact by phone please include the number below.
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