Enrollment in Group Session, Meal, or Activity
Did you find a session on the agenda that we have listed as being limited or closed attendance? Use this form to request participation.

MERGE includes quite a lot of sessions and activities through the many conferences and shows that are occurring.

There a limited number of sessions, activities, meals, or events during MERGE that are "off menu" and separate from the conference. These might be small group invitational meals or activities, closed meetings of member organizations, informational sessions sponsored by groups as closed meetings, or cover confidential or proprietary information.

Where we have been requested to do so by sponsors or those organizers, we make this form available to enroll for consideration. We include this form as a means to reach those organizers to request participation, and we will forward these to the appropriate parties, but can make no guarantee of participation, as it will ultimately not be our decision.

In some cases, an organizer will contact you to determine if you are willing to financially contribute towards the costs (ie per person group activity or meal) as part of their determination.

If approved, accepted, or verified by those organizers, those who enroll would receive confirmation of participation from those organizers directly. MERGE staff and organizers make this form available to assist in the initial contact, and then it is determined after that request is forwarded.
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