2019 Camp Counselor Application Form
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Please read and accept the following terms before completing the application.
Counselor Job Description
Acceptance of a counselor will be on his/her own merits, not on whom he/she is or who his/her friends are. Counselors are required to attend pre-camp orientation training before the beginning of camp. Counselors are the mainstay of the camp and are expected to exhibit a high degree of mature and responsible behavior at all times. No counselor will be accepted who is unable to stay the entire week, unless special arrangements have been made prior to the beginning of camp.

Counselors must:

Dedicate the entire week to providing a happy, constructive camp experience for campers

Review the camper overview sheet of each camper he/she is responsible for – BEWARE OF SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS– such as seizures, exposure to the sun, activity limitations, etc.

Interact with other counselors while understanding their primary interest should be to interact with the campers.

Ensure that each camper is made to feel a special part of the camp and at no time feel inadequate or embarrassed by any member of the group.

Know where their camper(s) is at all times and make sure their camper(s) is not left unattended or allowed to travel around the camp without supervision.

BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL AT ALL TIMES. Your actions and attitudes are imitated by the campers

Refrain from participation in, instigating, or allowing the camper to participate in or incite any rough activities that are potentially destructive to property or person.

Supervise camper(s) and attend all activities and functions on time with the camper(s) and assist with activities in whatever capacity is required. This includes any assigned duties (i.e. cabin duty) and curfews.

Assist and encourage camper(s) in all activities.

Maintain cleanliness in the cabin and campground.

Communicate any concerns about camp, camp procedures, the campers, or staff to director(s).

Go to a member of the camp staff in the event there is a problem or concern you can't cope with or makes you uncomfortable. The problem will be discussed and a solution will be found.

Leave your car parked in designated area for the duration of camp, if driving a vehicle to camp, remaining at camp for the full duration. Leaving without permission will result in immediate dismissal from camp.

Adhere to the Camp dress code.

Refrain from instigation and/or participation in any activity that could be considered inappropriate for a camp setting, including but not limited to: bullying, harassment, sexual or social misconduct, etc.

Follow all directives and procedures while at camp.

Refrain from making negative comments about the camp, camp procedures, campers, or staff.

Remember to provide: health & happiness, guidance, wholesome fun, achievement, self-reliance, good social living and leadership!

Smile a lot and pass it on!

I understand and agree to comply with the counselor job description above. *
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