2024 Woodworkers Showcase
This form was created to gather Gallery Exhibit information for items to be shown at the 2024 Woodworkers Showcase in the Saratoga City Center on March 23 & 24, 2024. For more info about our show, see http://woodworker.org/about-showcase/

How this form works:
  • Section 1 gathers information about you the woodworker.
  • Sections 2 and up to 6 gather information about each of up to 5 exhibit entries.
  • At the end of each form, you will have an opportunity to add any special notes or comments.
  • Each form is limited to 5 items, but you can fill out more than one form, if you have more items.
A valid email address is required for the online form. Please type your email carefully for an address where you receive emails!

NOTE1: There is still a Printable Paper Form you can submit, if that is your preference:
         ==>  Printable PDF Form.
         ==>  See more Details on Category & 2024 Challenge.

NOTE2: There is no need or benefit if you submit both paper and electronic forms. Frankly, it's just more work for both of us. Please just pick one method. Since you've gotten this far, may I recommend the form below... ;-)

If you have any issues or suggestions with this form please contact us by email:
          ShowExhibit@gmail.com, Dale Lombardo, Showcase Entry Judging Co-Chair

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Re-Enter Email Address
This is simply a second chance for you to enter the correct email address. After you submit this form, you'll receive an email at the address above with your entry details. That email will include a link FOR YOUR USE ONLY that will allow you to edit or change your entry details.

NOTE: Your email information will only be used for Showcase Gallery purposes.
SUMMARY of Important Details
You will also receive this information by email along with your confirmation.
  • Any woodworker may exhibit their work. There is no entry fee and NWA Membership is not required.
  • Please submit your online or paper registration forms by noon on Thursday, March 21, 2024.
  • All Showcase Gallery items must be brought to the City Center between 3:00pm and 6:45pm on Friday, March 22, 2024. Please Do Not come early without an invitation from Dale Lombardo. Last minute entries can be received during drop-off times, but advance registration items are preferred to help with preparations.
  • If a display item requires hanging, you must provide your own prop or easel. Easels are not provided by the NWA, and wall hangings are not permitted.
  • The exhibit hall is NOT a commercial area. Price tags/lists are not allowed and will be removed and disposed of. However, business contact cards are allowed.
  • ALL Items must be retrieved by you between 5:00pm and 7:00pm on Sunday, March 24. Special permission required from Dale Lombardo for early removals.
  • You may exhibit any number of pieces in one or more categories, but you may only have one piece judged per category.
  • Previously judged (and prior winning) pieces from prior Showcase events are not eligible for judging but are welcome and encouraged for display.
  • Judges and Showcase Judging Co-Chair have the right to re-categorize entries. If they deem that an entry from one category should be in another category, they will make the change. If the woodworker already has a judged entry in that category, the changed entry will not be judged.
  • New for 2024: Professional entries for judging are eligible for “Professional Excellence” ribbons and the People’s Choice Award only.
NOTES for Totally Turning Participants
Totally Turning Instant Gallery items are NOT registered through this form!

Registration instructions will be found on
Name? *
To be used on the exhibit cards.
Phone? *
Please provide a number where you can be reached for questions about your information and workpiece(s). This will not be provided to others without your permission.
ZIP Code *
To show where you're from on the Display Card with your exhibit items, we will look up the City and State associated with your 5 digit US zip code.
Member? *
Are you a Northeast Woodworkers Association member? (Membership is NOT required for registration of display or judged items.)
Classification? *
Please select the best classification that describes you to help with Judging and Display cards.
Share Your Info? *
Is it OK to share your email & phone if Gallery visitors inquire about your work?
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