Backyard Tiny Home Licensing
This is an initial interest intake form for Land Owners interested in licensing access to their yard for someone to live out of their independent Tiny Home on wheels.
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What motivates you to grant access for a Tiny Home to park in your backyard?
Utility Access: Please check all that are possible on your site. Odds are you have not developed your space for this, we can talk more about the logistics and costs associated with setting up full utility connections.
When 1 tiny home is parked in the yard of an existing home, Utility connections are not required if the Tiny Home resident has access to use the facilities within the main home. Please answer if that is a possibility and any other nuances associated with that question that come up.
We've found that most Tiny Home Owners do this primarily to save money. Our experience says $600 is the limit that most people are able or willing to pay for access to a space to live out of their Tiny Home. In a scenario where a property manager would mediate the relationship and have additional insurance coverage and responsibilities we see $100 coming out of that each month. Which means you would be getting $500 a month. How do those numbers feel? are you willing to go lower, is there a case to be made for it to be higher?
Neighborship sees a need for a third party in between this relationship for the reasons of insurance, screening, safety compliance, conflict mediation and the ability to graceful transition to alternative locations if the arrangement stops working for either side. That said, we are open to just making a match and letting you handle it on your own from there. Please let us know if you would want Neighborship there to support you in this or if you're planning to do it on your own. And any thoughts that come up around that.
Any other thoughts or concerns regarding this?
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