Skinner North Remote Learning Survey (Reflecting on Quarter 1 )
Your opinion is very important to us as we want remote learning to be a positive experience for our students and families. Please complete this anonymous survey to share your thoughts on the remote learning experience thus far. The information will help us to further plan and improve our educational practices during remote learning. PLEASE COMPLETE A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH STUDENT.

The survey will close on Friday, November 6th.
What grade level is your child in this year? *
Optional: How does your student identify in terms of demographics? *
How well is remote learning working for your child? *
Really well
Based on your response above, please elaborate on your child's experience.
Please indicate how much work your child is receiving *
Not Enough
Too much
Please rate the instructional tools provided by our teachers. **This includes digital and non-digital tools teachers use to instruct students. *
Not useful
Extremely useful
Use this section to comment on instructional tools (if necessary)
My child's teachers provide clear work expectations? *
How much support do you have to provide to your child to complete the assigned tasks? *
I have to sit down with my child to complete all tasks.
My child completes the work independently
What support does your child need from you during remote learning? *
Completing the assigned tasks
Follow through
Keeping the child on task
Instructional support for understanding
Logging on
Printing materials
Reading the instructions
Submitting the completed work
Please rate the amount of communication from the teachers *
Not enough
Too much
Please rate the quality of communication from the teachers *
Not helpful
Very helpful
Please rate the amount of communication from the school's administrative team. *
Not enough
Too much
Please rate the quality of communication from the school's administrative team. *
Not helpful
Very helpful
Our family feels supported by the school staff *
Please share how we can improve our remote learning.
Please indicate how we can better support your child.
As the adult(s) in your household, how are you doing social-emotionally?
Not well
Very well
Clear selection
What is the biggest struggle for your student during remote learning?
What is helping your family during remote learning? Do you have any anonymous tips you would like us to share with other families? (i.e. we make lunches the night before)
Do you have any suggestions or desired parent supports that the school could provide that would be helpful (i.e. webinars around certain topics, remote social parent meet ups, etc.)?
Are you interested in participating in a remote learning focus group to help us further guide planning? If yes, please provide your name and email address or email Katie ( directly if you wish this survey to maintain full anonymity. (If no, just leave this question blank.)
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