NGO Committee on Migration - Survey on Migrant and Refugee Victims of Xenophobia and Intolerance in the Context of the Coronavirus Pandemic
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NGO Committee on Migration* is distributing this survey as a follow-up to a very successful one we circulated in 2017. Our goal is to gather information on how the pandemic has affected the challenges and promising practices that you, the responding organizations, have identified in your work to reduce xenophobia and foster the social inclusion of migrants and refugees in their transit and destination countries.

In order to get the most reliable first-hand information, we ask that respondents to this survey be members of your organization who work directly with migrants and/or refugees in specific locations. All information will remain confidential, unless your organization specifically consents to having its responses publicized or shared. We would appreciate it if your organization could disseminate this survey widely among your constituent or related organizations.

A final report on the survey results will be distributed to member governments of the UN, appropriate UN Bodies, NGOs, civil society organizations and institutions that have funding and decision-making responsibilities. All survey respondents will receive a final report, while no survey respondents will be identified individually. We believe that surveys like this one, that elicit best management practices and successful initiatives in the context of this pandemic, will lead to a better understanding of the barriers to movement, gaps in services, and psychosocial factors that have hindered full integration of migrants and refugees into their host communities. The results will be compared, analyzed, and once again evaluated for significant changes in xenophobic incidents, obstacles encountered, and successful good management practices. Such surveys have helped the UN move from a prime focus on policy to one that supports grassroots initiatives with a focus on leaving no one behind.

The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete, and while changes cannot be made after it has been submitted, they can be made until then. Please submit the completed survey and any questions you may have in the course of completing it to If you feel that there is a question we have not addressed, or anything you would like to add, we welcome your input.
Thank you for taking the time and care to provide us with this essential information.


The NGO Committee on Migration

*A member of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CoNGO) in consultative relationship with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The mission of our organization is to encourage the protection and promotion of migrants’ human rights, in accordance with the United Nations Charter.

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Please answer these questions about your migrant/refugee project:
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2. Locale (City, State, Community, Town, Village) in which your branch of the organization is currently serving migrants *
3. Brief description of your local project: (100 words or less) *
4. Number of staff in your local project: *
5. Sources of funding for your project: (Please mark all that apply) *
6. How many of the population served have tested positive for COVID-19
7. How many migrant deaths have been attributed to COVID-19
8. If you have seen changes in the number of migrants your organization serves since the onset of COVID-19 are the changes attributed to (Please mark all that apply)
9. Number of migrants/refugees served in your local project: *
10. Country/countries of origin of the migrant population you serve *
11. Are the migrants and refugees you serve: *
12. Is the country in which you operate a county of transit or the final destination of the migrant/refugee *
13. Why did the population you serve leave their original domicile? (Please mark as many as  apply) *
14. Ethnicity/religion of migrants and refugees being served (primary, secondary and tertiary) *
15. Which group or groups make up the majority of the population you serve? (Please mark all that apply) *
16. In which of the following areas are migrants and refugees experiencing intolerance and xenophobia in the communities you serve? Access to: (Please mark all that apply) *
17. Have xenophobic incidents against the population you serve increased due to COVID-19?
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18. Please specify ways local authorities and other governmental entities have provided support to mitigate the effects of xenophobia towards the migrant community to the COVID-10 pandemic. (Please mark all that apply) *
19. Please describe your organization's most successful initiative specifically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. *
20. What challenges does your organization face in protecting and assisting migrants and refugees who have been victims of xenophobia and intolerance? (Please mark all that apply and include any additional challenges in the comment area next to "Other.") *
20a. If there is reduced staffing, please indicate the reason
20b. If migrants were repatriated, please indicate reason
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