Veterinary Practices That Serve Swine Clients

With the full implementation of the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) regulations in January 2017, many swine producers in Wisconsin are scrambling to find veterinary services that are willing to practice on swine. If your practice is willing to work with swine clients, including writing VFDs, please let us know. We will create a map listing veterinary practices who provide swine services for swine farmers throughout the state of Wisconsin.

By completing this survey, you and your clinic are agreeing to have your veterinary service location and contact information be mapped. You are also agreeing to allow us to share your responses to the other questions asked about services provided, but we will NOT share your email address. If you choose to share your email address, it will be used only if the Swine Team has follow-up questions for you.

You may choose to withdraw your clinic/name and details from the map at any time by contacting Lyssa Seefeldt at 608-297-3141 or

Thank you for your participation.
-The UW-Extension Swine Team-