Visalia/Fresno - Valet Consignor Waiver
Thank you for your interest in our JBF Valet Consignor Service option!

Just Between Friends is your answer to clearing out your children's outgrown items and turning it into CASH!

Here's how it works:
1. After signing up, you will receive confirmation from your valet service and set time for you to drop off your items.
2. You gather your gently used children’s and maternity clothing, toys, books and equipment (please make sure they're in working condition with batteries, clean, NO stains and tears, and in SIZE ORDER, pairing sets if there are any to help your items sell for more $)
3. Schedule drop off with the local valet service ASAP
4. Receive a check 2 weeks after the sale for 45% of items sold less the $15 consignor fee & valet service supply fee $10-15
5. This is much more than you'd receive by holding a yard sale and a lot less effort!

It is that easy!


Here are the terms and agreement for valet tagging and fundraising with Just Between Friends Visalia/Fresno:

1. I understand and agree that, JBF Visalia/Fresno and the Valet Coordinator/Tagger assigned to me, are not responsible for fire, loss, theft, or damage to my sale items. Full effort will be made by all parties to prevent these happenings.

2. Valet Consignors can have any items valet tagged that is accepted at the JBF Sales. This includes but is not limited to: clothing, shoes, baby gear & large equipment, toys, outdoor toys, puzzles, games, books, maternity clothing & items, and more! See website for complete details on what is acceptable.

2. Valet Consignors drop off their items to the Valet Tagger assigned by JBF. Items MUST be washed and sorted by size and gender before drop-off. Outfits that go together should be folded together, such as coordinating hat, socks, or even a shirt that goes with a certain pair of pants, before drop-off.

3. Toys/electronics must have all working parts and batteries. All puzzles/games must have all pieces and parts. Any batteries that need to be replaced will be at the cost of $.50/AA and AAA, and $1/C, D, or 9V batteries. . These fees will be taken out of the Valet Consignor’s check.

4. I realize that pricing of my items is based on JBF pricing guidelines, (a copy is available via the website). If I want to select up to 10 items priced at a certain amount they should be marked with that price before drop-off. After items are tagged, no price adjustments can be made by consignor. All items will be marked for reduction during discount days of the sale.

5. I understand that ALL UNSALEABLE/Not JBF Qualified items delivered to the Valet Tagger will be donated immediately.

6. I will earn 45% of my gross sales for each JBF sale event. I understand that I will be charged a $15 dollar
consignor fee and $10-$15 supply fee for hangers, safety pins, tape, cardstock, ink, etc. that is used to tag my items.
**Consignor fee and supply fee will both be deducted from your check after the sale**

7. Any unsold items will be picked up by valet service and transported to the next sale, (assuming they are seasonally appropriate) and held by Valet Service Coordinator. Note: items that haven't sold after the 1st or 2nd sales event, tagging service may adjust the pricing of item to help it sell. After 1 full year of sales events, if an item doesn't sell even after adjusting price, item will be donated to our local charity.

8. Please list the correct address and email address where consignor check should be sent and it will be mailed/emailed no later than two weeks following the conclusion of the sale. If your address, cell phone or email address changes, please notify Valet coordinator or JBF event coordinator right away to be sure you receive your check.


Note approx. deadline to get items in for valet tagging service. Spots fill fast! Schedule your drop off date ASAP to be sure your items can be ready for the 1st sale of our Fall/Winter season! (please arrange drop off with your assigned valet coordinator):

Priority Drop off Deadline: Aug 1- know that spots fill fast and this date doesn't guarantee your processing of items, but we continue to process for next event in order of receipt of items.

By continuing on, you agree and understand the above agreement/terms. To take advantage of our Valet Consigning program, please continue to the next section to complete the form. Spaces are limited and filled on a first come first serve basis - DROP OFF SAVES YOUR SPOT, so schedule your drop off sooner then later with your coordinator.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Mandi Milburn - Valet Manager - call/txt 559.697.5231

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