Visalia/Fresno - Valet Consignor Waiver
Thank you for your interest in our JBF Valet Consignor Service option!

Just Between Friends is your answer to clearing out your children's outgrown items and turning it into CASH!

Here's how it works:
1. After signing up, you will receive confirmation from your valet service and set time for you to drop off your items.
2. You gather your gently used children’s and maternity clothing, toys, books and equipment (please make sure they're in working condition with batteries, clean, NO stains and tears, and in SIZE ORDER, pairing sets if there are any to help your items sell for more $)
3. Schedule drop off with the local valet service ASAP
4. Receive a check 2 weeks after the sale for 45% of items sold less the $15 consignor fee & valet service supply fee $10-15
5. This is much more than you'd receive by holding a yard sale and a lot less effort!

It is that easy!

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