Take Over Boss Barista!
Hi folks! In the late spring or early summer (we're hoping for April, May, or June) I'd like to hand over the podcast and let other creators from across the globe make their own audio stories!

You don't have to have a fully formed idea or know how you're going to make this story. All you need is to share a few ideas and tell us why this story is important. It can be small, big, anything!

Perhaps you want to interview someone in the coffee world who hasn't gotten their shine, or you want to string together vignettes of stories of coffee farmers, or maybe you want to explore the history of a particular coffee shop, a bag of coffee, a myth or legend in the industry. Secretly, I'm dying for someone to make a coffee spoof.

You also don't need special equipment to record your series. Most smartphones are powerful enough to record audio, and I'll set you up with some other apps and platforms for recording and editing. And I'll be here to help you along the way. I am committed to paying at least $100 per project and am looking now to sponsors for more money.

Please don't take this application too seriously or stress out! I really just want to hear ideas so that I'm better informed when I follow up with you. Even if I can't make space on the channel to host your idea, I will do my best to provide guidance and help bounce ideas. I expect to pick 4-5 ideas, but that depends on how many people apply!

If you have any questions, please email me at bossbaristapodcast@gmail.com — I'm going to keep this application open for a week and follow up with all applicants after I've read through everything!
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