Help Us Build a List of Organizations that Understand #KidsNeedBooks
Let's pull together a list of all the organizations that donate books to kids who need them. There are a range of programs out there, and our hope is that listing all the available options in one place will make it easier for teachers and librarians in book deserts to get the books their students need. It will also help the authors who are part of the #KidsNeedBooks Twitter movement figure out the best way to help going forward.
Name of Organization
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Organization's Website
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Who Does It Give Books to? (Region, Kinds of Schools, Etc.)
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How does a school/library apply to receive books? (If it's possible to include a link to the application, that's fantastic.)
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How competitive is the application process?
Can it be a recurring donation?
Does the Program only donate books or does it include author visits, as well?
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