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To sign up to the #teacher5aday wellbeing buddy box simply enter your details below.

You can sign up anytime but may have to wait for a wellbeing buddy to be available for you to be matched with. Once your buddy has been found you'll be informed by email/Twitter and you can take it from there. Swap addresses, send your 'buddy box', make each other smile.

How much you spend on your wellbeing buddy is up to you, suggested maximum per box/package would £10 though.

Please note this is completely voluntary, it is your responsibility to contact your wellbeing buddy and to send out your "buddy box". I can not accept responsibility if you do not receive a buddy box in exchange. This idea is completely based upon all participants wanting to sign up and take part out of the kindness of their hearts, please do not sign up if you only want to receive and do not plan on sending something in return. Thank you.

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Here's an example of the Buddy Card you will receive once you've been matched up. Please ensure you are following @MrsHumanities on Twitter as this is the easiest way for me to send them out. Thank you.
Thank you for signing up to #Teacher5adayBuddyBox if you still haven't read the FAQs please do so at https://teacher5adaybuddybox.com/faq/
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