Flight Club Aerospace Application Fall 2021
Hello hello!

It looks like you're interested in joining us. While you fill out this application, keep in mind that we're not looking for technical experience so much as a passion for this project and a willingness to dedicate time and effort to working and learning. We're looking to get to know you as a person, not as a sum of what opportunities you had in the past.

We have an informational meeting on August 26th introducing the upcoming schedule and to answer any questions. The meeting times + more team descriptions can be found at https://www.flightclubaerospace.com/join .

Flight Club Aerospace is a nonprofit group of high schoolers building a Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft. For more information, check out our website: https://www.flightclubaerospace.com.

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What school do you attend? *
What year will you graduate high school? *
You must be a high schooler in the fall of 2021 to join FCA.
What teams are you interested in? *
This is just for us to understand your interests; you're free to switch to a different team (or teams) after joining FCA if you wish. Full team denotes that new applicants will probably not be able to join this round of training, but should check the box anyway to show their interest. Spots may open up.
As a member of Flight Club Aerospace, what will you bring to the team? *
We're looking for motivation to contribute, passion in the area, willingness to try new things, a love for teamwork, etc. 1000 character max.
Briefly describe your experience with any of the following: CAD, physics/math, coding, electrical engineering, grant writing, fundraising and/or website/graphic design.
You do not need experience in any of this to join FCA! This is for us to know how much training we need to do. Your experience will NOT be a factor in your acceptance. None is a perfectly acceptable answer!
Flight Club Aerospace expects all members to contribute at least 6 hours a week, with around 4 hours being meetings. Are you able to do this? *
Any other comments or questions?
Last question: list your 3 favorite songs!
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