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Regular attendance is an important factor in the success of our choirs, and we emphasize the need to be present and prepared when rehearsals begin at 4:30 each week. Remember, "On Time is Late!" The DGC Membership Chair tracks every singer's attendance each week, as well as the reason for the absence. Each trimester, your daughter is allowed one absence. Being tardy for rehearsal, or leaving early, is considered "half" of an absence. Singers who are absent 2 or more times per trimester may not be eligible for solos, and will need approval from the Choir Director in order to perform at the concert.

If your daughter will not be attending a rehearsal, please email membership@danvillegirlschorus.org to let us know.
You can also call or text 925-837-2624.

If your daughter does not attend rehearsal and we have not received notice from you, our policy is to contact you and inform you of her absence. In the past, we have called each parent individually, but this is very time consuming, so we would like to change our past practice and notify you via text instead. Please complete the form below with your priority contact information. This is the person who should be contact first on a weekly basis in the event of an unexplained absence. If you choose not to receive text messages, we will call the number that you provide.

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