North Coast Men's Chorus Performance Request

• To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you make your request 90 days in advance.
• December (holiday season) and June (Gay Pride) are the chorus’s busiest months.
• The chorus does not rehearse in July, August and early September and seldom performs during those months.
• The members of the chorus perform with the chorus as volunteers and have day jobs elsewhere. As such, performances during weekday business hours are a challenge.
• The chorus is a performing group - not a “lounge act” - and is not well-equipped to provide background music, roaming music, or soloists.
• In order for the chorus to be heard in a large or outdoor space, sophisticated amplification is needed beyond a simple public address system.
• Remember that singing is more strenuous than talking - there are limits to how long our singers can sing!

Suitability: As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of Ohio, there are some events that are not legally suitable for our organization. If your event is not suitable, you will be provided with an explanation.

Cost: There are many costs involved with any of our programs and we appreciate financial gifts and/or donated good and services. For private sector or corporate events, we request a donation of at least $500. NCMC Ambassadors: generally numbers 10-50 men (usual ad hoc group formed from the larger chorus size is usually around 35). Larger groups are sometimes available, depending on the circumstances. The repertoire of this ensemble is usually taken from current concert material. The length of the performance is suitable for short programs of no more than 30 minutes.

Ensembles: The chorus has the Coastliners, an established ensemble of 8 voices that cater primarily to private sector events.

Accompaniment: While some music can be performed a cappella, longer programs require piano accompaniment. If your venue does not have a piano, an additional fee and additional equipment may be required. Piano must be tuned for the event. The piano must be close to the risers or audio monitors will need to be provided for both the accompanist and the singers.

Audio Equipment: If your event is outdoors or in a large venue, the chorus will need to be amplified using several (4 for full chorus) condenser or broad spectrum cardiod microphones. The chorus does not provide these.

Other Needs: The Larger Ensembles need Choral Risers or platforms so that the singers can see the director.