This form will take only 1 minute and is designed to help you narrow down your focus and set a clear goal and it'll help me to tailor the session for you. It can be also used to help you track progress and stay on track, or change course.

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Roughly, in the last two weeks, how are you?
Stress levels
I roll with things calmly
I'm SO stressed!
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Anxiety levels
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Anger levels
I deal with things calmly and assertively
Aggressive or holding bitter resentment regularly
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Sadness levels
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I'm stuck in feeling sad, depressed or hopeless
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Overwhelm and Burnout levels
Coping well with the problems of life
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Confusion / Stuckness Levels
I have a clear mind and can plan ahead well
My mind is confused and I feel stuck
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Procrastination levels
Achieving what I want
Constant procrastination and avoidance
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Physical pain/ sickness levels
Healthy body, relatively pain free
Severe daily aches, pains and physical problems
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Do you feel you have any conditions, (phobias, emotional or physical traumas, triggers etc) or concerns that may be helpful to tell me about?
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