Innovation Constraints Assessment

Use this form to assess the six kinds of the innovation constraints that lurk in your organization. Your results will be scored and emailed to the address you provide within 5 minutes. Your results will include a link to information you can use to interpret your results and to overcome those around you who act as if they believe that "Creative People Must Be Stopped!"
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    I gather all the information I use sitting at my desk
    I generate a few ideas I think will work and then move on
    People have trouble understanding my ideas
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    Managers' ideas are considered “better” than those of everyone else
    Members are openly critical and dismissive of new ideas or approaches
    Our team space does not facilitate collaboration and information sharing
    Members don't have, use or understand our innovation process
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    Employees don't know our organization’s strategy
    We do not have a mechanism for authorizing innovative experiments
    Our operations work well; improvements to them are discouraged
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    Customers have access to alternatives to our products or services
    Our organization tends to rely on outside professionals, experts, or vendors for critical elements of our products or services
    We ignore the needs of low-end customers in new products and service offerings
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    Customers use our products to express their personal identity
    Our innovation efforts are impeded by regulations or ethical concerns
    Our customers insist that our products look and perform the way they always have
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    We have trouble moving from research into production due to immature technology
    We do not explicitly account for time needed for learning in new projects
    Our activities require mitigating efforts to avoid ecological harm
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    My organization is innovative
    Our customers view us as innovative
    Our industry is viewed as innovative
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