Retail Worker Survey
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What are you annual wage increases?
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The following questions pertain to your healthcare benefits.
What is the cost per week?
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Which plan coverage applies to you?
What is your annual deductible?
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What type of pension/retirement plan do you have? *
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How many sick days do you receive per year?
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How many holidays do you receive per year?
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How much vacation do you receive per years of service?
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more than 5 weeks vacation
1 year of service
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How would you describe the opportunities for new full-time jobs at your store?
What amount of additional wage increases do you get when the minimum wage goes up?
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How often do you get a chance to sit with store management, as equals, to discuss improving store operations?
What is the best thing about working at your store?
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What would you change tomorrow if you had the opportunity?
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How long have you worked at your store?
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Would you like some more information on how to improve benefits at your workplace? If yes please leave a number below
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