Effective Presentation Design Feedback
If you're reading this: WOOT! I LOVE when people click the link. I figuratively can't even. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to me. Please let me know what works and what could be better. I base my training revisions off the responses I get from people like you.

This survey usually takes five minutes to complete, but can take up to ten if you have a lot of great feedback to share.
Real quick: About when did you attend training and what group are you a part of? You can be general on the date if you can't remember (e.g. "Uh...mid-April-ish"). *
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What would you change, add, and/or remove from the presentation design training? You can mention more than one thing if you have extra ideas on how I can make training more awesome. *
If you have a question you want to ask me, type it here (or email me at michael@michael-vaughn.com)
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I mentioned this during training, but I deliver this presentation design training (and others) at outside schools, businesses, and organizations. Since I rely on word-of-mouth over direct advertising, I'd like to ask:

Can I quote you when I talk to other people about this presentation? This could include using your quote on my website (michael-vaughn.com), or in email communications with potential clients. I would include your full first name, the initial of your last name, and where I met you (e.g. Michael V., student at Elon University).
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Would you like to talk about me coming to present or run training at a school, organization, or business you're connected with? If yes, leave your contact information (email and/or phone) below. Otherwise type, "Nah." *
Thank you!
That's it. Your feedback is what helps me grow as a presenter and trainer. Thank you again for sharing your time with me; not just to attend the session, but to share your thoughts with me here. If you've indicated you'd like to be contacted, please allow me up to three business days to reach out. Otherwise, it was great to meet you and I wish you the best of luck developing your presentation design skills over time!
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