SRUTI : Music in the Galleries
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Date : October 20th

1:30 - 2:00pm
2:15 - 2:45pm
3:00 - 3:30pm

Gallery : 224


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Philadelphia Museum Of Art , Gallery 224
SRUTI Fills the Temple Hall with Music
Kamalakiran Vinjamuri on Violin
Shishir Kumar on Saxaphone
Keerthi Ramani on Mridangam
Samyuktha Sreeram on Ghatam

South Indian temples have historically been the focal point of music and dance. Sruti presents three pieces that weave together a theme of gods in the Hindu epic: the Ramayana. Many of the characters and themes of this epic can be found depicted on the surrounding pillars and other architectural features in this gallery.

1. Mallaari in Raaga Gambeeranaattai
2. Bhaavayaami Raghuraamam in Raagamalikaa composed by Maharajaa Swaati Tirunaal
3. Thillaana in Raaga Dhanashri composed by Maharajaa Swaati Tirunaal

About the music:

Mallaari (mallAri)

Set in the Raaga Gambeeranaattai, the Mallaari is usually presented as an instrumental piece with a Naadaswaram - an ancient reed instrument that has historically been associated with temple music. The Mallaari is a reference to mallar (a strong person). Strong people were needed to carry the deity (main idol of the local temple) in a procession around the temple courtyard and sometimes into the local town. The idol is usually carried on an uncovered palanquin. This piece has a distinct rhythm with specific sol-fa syllables and is presented without any lyrics thus lending itself to being an instrumental piece.

Bhaavayami Raghuraamam (bhAvayAmi raghurAmam)

A masterpiece composed by Maharajaa Swaati Tirunaal, a 19th century composer that explains the whole story of the Raamayanaa right from a youthful Lord Rama until his coronation as the king of Ayodhya. The piece elaborates the different phases of the Raamayana through different chapters or kaandams.


A rhythmic composition, the tillaana is usually performed towards the end of a concert. This type of composition is also a key piece of a Bharatnatyam dance performance. The tillaana is also a composition of Swaati Tirunaal set in the Raaga Dhanashri.

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