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At Rexnamo we believe in Lithium-ion battery solutions. The cost of the Lithium-ion battery solution will be higher than the cost of the Lead-acid version but the same can be offset by the longer battery life (no need of replacement).
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Do you currently own or have you owned an electric bike?
How influential are/would the following factors when purchasing an electric bike?
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Fuel efficiency
Environmentally friendly
Technological features
Cheap bike insurance / road tax
Low cost of ownership
High resale value
Do you think that electric bikes are a good return on investment?
How much would you be prepared to pay for a new electric bike from Rexnamo? *
Are you environmental conscious?
What do you think the benefits are of owning an electric bike?
For you, what are the drawbacks of an electric bike?
Do you plan to buy an electric car in the future?
How long until you plan to purchase an electric car?
If all of the following vehicles were available as electric vehicles, what type of vehicle would you most like to buy? (Select top 3) *
Would you also prefer to buy a hybrid bike (using both fuel and electricity)?
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