Should Lurie Children's be dropped as Gold Orchid Sponsors of the AIS-DSD SG meeting?

Sean Saifa Wall and I, members of Intersex People of Color for Justice (IPOCJ), recently released an open letter to AIS-DSD SG. We wrote the letter because we believe that our community can, and must, do better for intersex people today and tomorrow. In it, we demanded they drop Lurie Children's as Gold Orchid Sponsors, unless Lurie apologizes for the harm they've caused and commits to ending intersex genital mutilation. The open letter can be read here:

After releasing the letter, some folks in the community asked us to create a petition. Instead of a petition, we created this google form to gather your feedback and ideas which can then, hopefully, be shared with AIS-DSD. Your answers will be recorded anonymously unless you choose to share your name.


Pidgeon & Saifa
Intersex People of Color for Justice Project
Are you intersex or do you have an intersex trait? *
Have you ever been to an AIS-DSD Support Group annual meeting? *
Do you believe AIS-DSD Support Group should drop Lurie Children's Hospital, a hospital that still openly performs Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM) on intersex patients, as the Gold Orchid Sponsor? *
After reading the open letter, is there anything you'd like to share? Please feel free to share your initial response to the open letter and/or any questions or concerns you have about the annual AIS-DSD Support Group meeting.
Who else, besides hospitals that still perform IGM, can we reach out to for sponsorships? Or, what else can we do as a community to raise the funds necessary to replace the money that will be lost from these hospital sponsorships? Be as concrete, or imaginative as you'd like.
Would you like to provide your name? (this is not necessary)
Are you okay if we anonymously quote part of your feedback in future #EndIntersexSurgery campaign work?
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