Health & Fitness Mentorship
Is BEING or GETTING HEALTHY and FIT important to you and are you open to learn how you can earn an INCOME while making a POSITIVE IMPACT?!

I’m looking for Women who want to WORK with me, do something you will LOVE, pay it FORWARD, and live your LIFE ON YOUR TERMS. Please check out the info below and submit your form and I'll send you all the details on my upcoming Mentorship that tells you exactly what to do to get started.
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Team Reshape Nation
Hi, my name is Melanie and I love to empower women who want to be their HEALTHIEST selves!

In November 2018 I had a STROKE and without my part-time coaching I'm sure I would have had a much more difficult time recovering from this fluke event! I'm excited to tell you more about what I do to keep myself healthy and fit and how I help others do the same!

Coaching is about more than just creating an INCOME doing what you love & helping others do the same. COACHING is personal ACCOUNTABILITY plus belonging to a COMMUNITY, a sisterhood or Girl Squad if you will (although Guys do it, too!).

If any of that pulls your heart strings, I’m looking for Women who want to HUSTLE with me, do what YOU LOVE, pay it FORWARD, and live your LIFE TO YOUR TERMS. Check out this info and hit SUBMIT, and I will get in touch with you about my next MENTORSHIP.

I'm very excited to share how coaching has blessed my life and hope I can help you do the same.

:-) Melanie
Who Is Coaching For?
This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for anyone who…

*wants to get fit & healthy while helping others do the same
*already works in fitness and wants to reach more people
*wants/needs to earn extra money and/or pay off debt (Medical Bills?! Student Loans?!)
*wants to make your own work schedule and/or work from home
*wants to be part of an AMAZING community & team fueled by support and friendship


*need to invest a lot of money
*need to already be in shape
*need business experience
Are you currently working with or have you ever worked with a Beachbody Coach in the past? *
Unfortunately, I am not able to work with you if you are ACTIVELY being supported by another Beachbody Coach. Please reach out to them for their next Mentorship or feel free to elaborate in the space below.
What would an extra $500 a month within the next few months mean to you and your family? What stage of life are you in (i.e. SAH Mom, commute to work, full time student, working in fitness, etc.) *
Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Coach On Our Team
What did you like best about the Intro Video above? *
Most Important Questions Answered!
1. Do I have to coach full-time? NO .... 2. Do I HAVE to force people to drink "that shake?" NO....3. Do I have to do ONLY Beachbody Workouts? NO.... 3. Do I have to Be Perfect? NO
Tell me a little about your health & fitness. *
Are you starting from scratching or already working on or in Fitness? What are your health goals? Don't be shy, tell me as little or as much as you feel comfortable.
Please choose the box that relates to what interests you most about coaching: *
I love what I do and know that anyone that is consistent and willing to learn can take this business from zero to whatever you want it to be!!! I am passionate about what I do as a coach and I would love to have like minded go-getters on my team like you!!! Every month our team starts a new coach training class! Don’t miss the next one! Join me now!!
THANK YOU!!! I look forward to chatting with you. Allow 24-48 hours for me to respond, but if you don't hear back from me, please message me, because sometimes emails can get stuck in cyber space!! :-) Melanie
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