PE 2019-2020 CB Acceptable Use Policy
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I will demonstrate respect for myself and for others when posting information and images online.
I will not use electronic mediums to bully, harass or stalk other people.
I will not visit sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist or inappropriate.
I agree to disagree with others online in a respectful manner.
I will be POSITIVE when using my Chromebook. *
I will close the lid when not in use, when teacher is talking or any other time I am asked.
I will protect others by reporting abuse and not responding to or forwarding inappropriate materials or communications.
I will remember that I need to balance technology use with other activities.
I will not play games during learning time.
I will be DEPENDABLE with my Chromebook at all times *
I will not publish my personal contact details or a schedule of my activities.
I will protect my passwords, accounts, and resources.
I will report any attacks or inappropriate online behavior directed at me.
I understand that my use of technology at school or elsewhere is not private.
I understand that DCSD may monitor my use of the Chromebook and any files or products related to my use (whether they are current or deleted).
I have read and will follow the policies outlined in the DCSD Acceptable Use Policy while at school as well as away from school.
I will be SAFE and help EVERYONE be SAFE when using Chromebooks. *
By typing your name, you agree to follow all of the DCSD technology and PE Chromebook expectations. * *
Parents, please type your name confirming you have read and agree to DCSD technology guidelines and PE Chromebook expectations. *
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