Candidature Projet de Semestre Xplore 2024
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1. Legged Robot Team
 Legged Robot Team
The team will be in charge of incrementally developing a quadruped legged robot with hip abductors.
This team will have to stay small, fast and efficient to iterate on new designs at a high rate. The goal is to have a functional platform at the end of the year. 
2. Open Source 3D Prints Recycling Machine Team
Plastic Recycling Team
The team will be in charge of initially (semester 1) developing a test bench on which the different parameters of plastic grinding, drying, extrusion and spooling can be studied.

In the second semester, this team will be in charge of integrating all sub-parts of such a machine in one, self-contained and autonomous unit able to recycle plastic without human intervention.

3. Xplore AI Team
Xplore AI Team
The AI team will be responsible of developing a range of AI trained solutions to the problems we face at the different competitions that Xplore participates in. This is done with the goal of implementing their trained models on our existing rovers to improve our current solutions.

One of the projects that the AI team will work on is training their own image-detection model to recognize Ethernet cables and their orientation from an image stream.
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