GRAPHIC DESIGN BELLRINGER: The Human Rights Poster Thinking Sheet.
Our next Photoshop assignment is aimed at using all of the skills that we have accumulated so far this semester. The project was inspired by the Zimbabwean poster design Chaz Maviyane-Davis and his Human Rights poster series. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW to review the posters in this series-

With this poster series, produced in the 1990s, Maviyane-Davis was influenced by his African heritage, his goal to fight for human rights in Africa and his need to "remind authorities of their moral obligations as leaders and human beings."

Similar to Maviyane-Davis, your Midterm Project for this course will be to visually articulate one of the thirty-one rights from the "Declaration of the Common Rights of Humanity", as written by Jeff Stansbury, found on the United Nations website here:

Please take a minute to review these rights and consider what they mean. We will discuss these in class.

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Samples of the Human Rights Posters of Chaz Maviyane-Davis. (see full sized versions from the link at the top of the page!)
Review the posters from the link at the top of the page. Describe the THEME of the posters. What elements hold the different posters together? *
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Do you feel that the posters are good illustrations of basic human rights? Describe why or why not. *
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How has the artist incorporated TYPOGRAPHY to reinforce his theme for these posters? *
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